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Friday, July 13

Favorites - June

* I subscribed to these daily cooking videos that I receive via e-mail.  Sarah Carey, editor-in-cheif of Everyday Food cooks a new dish in each video.  They are fun to watch, informational, and provide neat recipe ideas.

* While planning G's bday party I came across these little figurines sold by Toob.  Hobby Lobby carries them in their model building section, and they come in a variety of different types (insects, cars, pets...).  I think they are adorable!  I got a set to decorate the party table and am excited to see G playing with them one day too. 

* I came across a book review of Large Family Logistics, and while I have not read the book myself, I liked the reviews I found online.  One review mentioned the author's weekly regimine: she does laundry on Monday, deep cleans the kitchen on Tuesday, works in her home office (paying bills, online research...) on Wednesdays, Thursday she runs all of her errands, Friday she dusts, vacuums, mops..., Saturday they work in the garden and clean out the cars, and Sunday they rest.

The simplicity of her model appealed to me.  I like the idea of dedicating each day of the week to one (albeit potentially large) task. In the past I've kept lists that I've found to be too random with too many little tasks each day.  In the end, I'd feel guilty (self-imposed, of course) when I did not get to all things on the list. Even though I was accomplishing things each day they were to disjointed (at least for my mind) to feel like I had really gotten something useful finished each day.  Although I find lists helpful, I do not want to have my sense of productivity tied to check marks on a list.

So, for the last month I have followed the LFL model for chores. I like that it is easily memorized and not a chart I have to refer to throughout the day.  For example, when I notice the oven needs to be cleaned I do not let that task linger in my mind until I have the time to do it, and I do not add it to a list, instead, I know that next Tuesday I will get to it. This month,  I find that I have done a better job allocating my time, I feel more accomplished and I am more at peace at the end of each day. 
I recommend the LFL model to others who are looking for a workable home maintenance plan. David has enjoyed teasing me this month as I rave about how her model has "revolutionized" my life! I am kidding and being dramatic, but I am also soooooo THANKFUL for this routine and really believe it is something I will stick with for the duration.