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Thursday, May 31

Favorites - May

Costco is selling Lemon Cilantro Artichoke dip/sauce made by Pellegrini Kitchens.  It's fresh, flavorful, and versatile.  We have enjoyed it with chips, on a pizza, with pasta---soooooo yummy!  If you are in the Austin area and go to Costco, check them out!

I came across these Sonoma kitchen towels in my mom's kitchen and LOVE them. They are super absorbant and pretty! 

I came across a menu planning site that I adore.  It generates a weekly dinner menu with recipes and a shopping list each week for $5/month.  It's called eMeals (here) and it offers a handful of options to choose from.  We have been using it this month and I really really really really like it.  We chose the Whole Foods menu option and the recipes are delicious!

My mother-in-law gave me a set of this Italian stationery for Christmas.  It is like sending a piece of art to someone and makes letter writing a beautiful process.  It is probably my favorite stationery to have ever used.

A friend told me about these emoticons available for free download on iPhones. My sister and I have had so much fun messaging each other with their icons.  There are a few hundred emoticons ranging from a kissy face to a television screen, and everything in between.  David is less enthusiastic about receiving messages from me with a handful of emoticons... but it sure makes texting fun!

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