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Friday, August 24

Anticipation builds...

Gavin's birthday party is tomorrow morning and we are all very excited!  We will celebrate with some cake and ice cream and lots of fun in the backyard.  It has surprised me how much fun prepping his birthday party has been; I feel like its the first gift we've given him, or rather first time our talents have come together to make a surprise for him.  It probably feels like Christmas morning does for parents who've been up all night putting together a bike or doll house.
I've been crafting, D's been building, and G's been smiling and hanging out along side the fun.
Yesterday, while working on a party wreath, G literally could not get enough of the fun.  I think he thought the wreath was a toy or bumbo seat.  He kept trying to climb through it or sit in it.  It was so much more fun working on the wreath viewing it through little man's perspective :)

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