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Friday, March 16

Sprinkled with Love

In November I worked with a group of gals to host a shower for our friend, Danielle. She was pregnant with her second little boy and we wanted to celebrate Bowen's arrival with a "sprinkle".
To weave the theme thru the event I ordered striped straws in Danielle's favorite color and made coasters, drink flags, menus using a rainy day font I had in Microsoft Word. Finally, I made floral centerpieces to coordinate. Our color palette was blue and green with hints of yellow and orange.
Being that it was a "sprinkle" we decided to follow suit with rainy day decor! The shower was held at a local restaurant in a private room that had umbrellas covering the ceiling (a wonderful coincidence).
Coasters-After designing these and coordinating them with the menus I used a large scallop punch to cut them out. Important to note-I made these on the computer but copied them onto card-stock. I did not want them to be printed with wet ink since the ink would be more likely to run after cups of water sat on it!
Straws- the striped paper we used can be hard to find; at least in the color and quantity that you desire and at a reasonable price. They come in a rainbow of color options and etsy seems to be the best place to find them; they are also available on Garnish (an awesome online store too!)
Drink Flags-I made the flags on the computer and used a straight-edge cutter to trim them to size, scissors to cut out the pennants and scrapbook tape to adhere the flag flaps to each other. Since I assembled these a few nights ahead of time, the trickiest part was finding a glue that kept the flaps attached.Menu Cards-Since we hosted the event at a restaurant we decided to have little menu cards listing the options instead of the big and not-so-cute restaurant menus.
(All photos by Kim R. and Denise M.)

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