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Friday, August 6

Holiday Tea Party

It may be early to start thinking about Christmas, but it is definitely on my mind!

I am part of a team of women who are organizing an evangelistic event for our church. This year we will host our 3rd Holiday Tea Party! The Holiday Tea is an event where a woman hosts a table with 10 seats. As a host, she decorates the table and invites 9 friends to join her for the event. We have the event as an outreach to our friends and neighbors. We pray that it energizes and inspires women as it draws us into our Lord's presence and dedicates the season to the memory of Christ's birth and His relevance in our lives.

This year our guest speaker is Tammy Maltby. She will share with us ideas from her book, The Christmas Kitchen: The Gathering Place for Making Memories. The book is awesome and we are so excited to have her join us!

As we excitedly begin planning for this year's Tea, I wanted to share some pictures from last year's event. These tables were each created by a different woman from my church. And, these beautiful photographs were taken by Steve Wampler and Matt Youngblood. To learn more about Steve's photography visit his site.

These tables are exquisite and inspire me when I think about table settings for holiday parties.

Table settings

Chair Decorations

Napkin Rings

Party Favor Ideas

The Delicious Food

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