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Monday, August 2

Western Shindig

Howdy Pardner!

Our friends, Tony and Brittney, moved to Arizona this summer. For a going away party we hosted a Western themed party in honor of their time in Texas. This was such a fun time for us all before bidding goodbye to our friends.

And, as far as party hosting--this is my favorite theme yet! Western parties lend to such vibrant colors and endless menu ideas. I will certainly host more of this kind!

I filled my husband's cowboy boots with wildflowers

used aluminum cans and red gingham ribbon for small flower arrangements
I also made an assortment of western table runners

The dinner table
red bandannas tied with thin rope of the napkins
mason jars tied with gingham ribbon
a cactus centerpiece as a symbol of Arizona (the state flower)

The buffet

Dessert: homemade sugar cookies
The State of Texas
Cowboy Boots
The Arizona Cactus

iced tea
pickle and olive tray
texas toast
cabbage salad
baked potatoes
baked beans
barbeque beef and sausage

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