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Wednesday, August 4

Last Year's Classroom

This month I will post a few detours from the normal postings. With the start of school fast approaching I am getting back into the swing of things!

I need to decorate my classroom, write lesson plans, buy pencils and dry erase markers, buy a new tote bag (llbean is the best!) and pick out a new first day of school outfit (Oh, yes! I still do that!)

Yesterday I started decorating my classroom. While working on it I reminisced with my sister about about last year's room...

The color theme was turquoise and lime.

I made a welcome banner for outside the door.
more banner ideas here

stepping inside the room

one of the table arrangements
on each of the boards is a banner I made ('welcome' and 'assignments')

the back wall

welcome desk
with tardy sign-in clip boards and behavior clip boards
I made the table runner to match the tablecloth and curtains

supplies station
I made this tablecloth to match the room colors and curtains

the snap cups and prayer request basket

my desk area

the curtains
tutorial coming soon

view of room

close-up of stars bulletin board

I taught math, science and computer. And kept lesson plans on separate clip boards.

Since this blog is all about hospitality, I would say that my goal when setting up this room was to post welcome signs outside the door, and for the first month I had the banner on the white board at the front of the room. Also, I used bright colors to make it a cheery place. Of course, the best hospitality goes beyond setting the scene--and includes making people feel welcome and important. I had an awesome year getting to know last year's group of kids and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Pictures of this year's room, excellent math teacher websites/blogs I love, and pictures of my teacher-themed party coming soon!

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