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Thursday, September 9

Back to School Cookies

Back to School Series: Day 2

Remember my apple cookies from yesterday?
Well, I love decorating sugar cookies and as a teacher I love all things school-themed. Below are some pictures I found on the web of cool ideas for school-themed cookies. They would make a fun gift for a teacher or treats to send with your student to school!!!

I found these cookies posed by pantinggrams on a wilton site

These were posted by Bundles of Cookies on facebook

I love these rulers, but can not remember where I found this picture...

Bake at 350's blog has these awesome cookies and tutorials here

Also from Bake at 350
She decorated cookies with a white base and yellow border then gave her son edible markers to draw messages onto the cookies. What a great gift for preschool and elementary teachers!

I hope you are inspired! Happy baking and cookie decorating!

If you have cool cookie or back to school ideas, share them with us!

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