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Saturday, September 4

Minnie Mouse Party Cookies

This tutorial skips the steps of baking the cookies and basic icing techniques.
It covers the steps for adding the fun details shown below.

Step 1: you will need a Minni Mouse/Mickey Mouse cookie cutter.

Step 2: make a batch of sugar cookie dough and use the cookie cutter to shape them. Bake cookies and allow to cool. Then, You can immediatly go to step 3 or you can store/freeze cookies until you are ready to decorate.

Step 3: prepare icing for cookies. I use a combination of consistencies based on a royal icing recipe. I use a thick consistency to outline the perimeter of the cookie, and a thinner consistency to fill the cookies.

Step 4: to add some details to the cookies...

Polka Dots
For a basic polka dot cookie, you will pipe an outline onto the cookie, fill the cookie with a thin consistency of icing (in this case-pink icing) and immediately after filling the cookie you will squeeze dots onto it (in this case, we used a bottle to drop on white dots).

For this process, you can only work on 1 cookie at a time. And, you must work quickly. After allowing the cookies to dry overnight the polka dot pattern will look seamless and super cute!

For a number 3, you will follow the same steps shown above, except you will not drop dots onto the wet icing, you will pipe the number. To ensure that the number is piped evenly, make sure there are no air bubbles in the icing bottle and that you have enough icing to make the outline. Like the polka dots, this icing will dry seamlessly in the pink icing.

This was the trickiest of all the cookies. Names are hard, because spacing and the length of the name. First, follow all of the steps for polka-dot cookies, except you will pipe letters instead of dots onto the wet cookie. To have the steadiest hand, it is best to not rest any part of your arm on a counter surface. Also, if you mess up, just quickly wipe off all of the icing on the cookie and start over.

Herringbone Design
The herringbone cookie design is very simple to do and makes such a cute cookie. Instead of making my own tutorial, I will direct you to one that I like on Sweetopia's blog.

Sweetopia's tutorial is awesome! She includes lots of pictures and a variety of cute ideas for cookie decorating!

Happy Decorating!!!

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