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Monday, September 6

Pop Star!

Happy Birthday Pops!

my dad with his sons-in-law

Today is my dad's birthday and I am excited for him to have the day off from work to celebrate. He is turning 50 and we are all so excited for him! These are pictures of a little party we had with him. My mom decorated the table. I love the birthday table runner!

And, even though it is a bit of a pun... we made pops for Pops. To top some cupcakes we made little pops signs to wish him a happy birthday. This is a tutorial to show you how!

First, I purchased a scalloped paper cutter from a local scrapbook store. The one pictured was about $25. I used it to make the birthday banner. I also have a smaller scallop cutter that I used for these cupcake toppers/lollipop signs.

To cut the non-scalloped circles, you can use di-cuts or cutting tools available at craft stores. I used Creative Memories tools that I have. Also, gather the supplies pictured above to create the lollipop signs (duct tape, scrapbook tape, lollipop sticks, a marker and paper)

I glued the scallop on top of the larger circle and used a sharpie to write messages. If you are looking for a more sophisticated/professional/fancy final product, try a fun font or computer software to jazz up the image on the scallop.

attach the stick to the topper


It's simple, fun and cheery!
Now, go love on those you know with birthdays!!!

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