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Thursday, April 12

Cupcake Blunder

I decided to bake mini cupcakes in candy/nut bowls for a shower I am helping host. While filing the bowls It occurred to me that I may have overfilled them, but I decided to try my luck since it was getting late and I wanted to move onto my next task. The cost of trying to do too many things at once! Lesson learned!

If you're wondering what's up with such a random post... I decided a while back it was silly for me to just post about all the fun things in life because my life is certainly not all roses and well baked entrees! So I decided to add the occasional blonde girl/what was I thinking/blunder post to the blog for some comedic relief :)

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  1. Haha! I've so done this before! I have to remind myself every time I make cupcakes to fill less than I think because they expand so much. :)