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Thursday, April 12

Love Owlays Invitation

I helped host a baby shower for my friend Jana a couple weekends ago. Jana and her husband are waiting to find out the baby's gender and have decided to decorate their nursery with owls and yellow and gray colors.

For fun I decided to make the shower invitations. And, I must say-I was super pleased with the end result! I love that it's 100% customizable and affordable (the price of white card-stock and the fee to copy it at a printing store.)

To make the invitation:
I sketched out an mommy and baby owl onto card-stock paper (watercolor paper is too rough for a smooth finish for this type of project). Then, I outlined them with a thin sharpie and used oil pastels to add a border/highlights.
Next, I water-colored the image. Finally, I used an exacto-like knife to cut around the outside edge of the image. Its important to cut close to the image so that it copies onto the invitation seamlessly.
Then, I created the invitation wording in Microsoft Word, pasted my owl onto a print out of the invite, added yellow and gray paper behind the invite to serve as a border, and finally copied the invites onto white card-stock.

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