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Friday, September 28

Babymooning Recipes

My sister just had a beautiful baby boy and I wanted to do something special for her.
Knowing she would be ultra busy in the coming weeks (new baby, 2 other kiddos, moving into a new home) I wanted to do something to help with meal prep.  But since I live 3 hours away, dropping off a meal is not a great option.  So, I put on my thinking cap and came up with another option...
It's a Babymoon Recipe Book- which is a collection of family favorite recipes with a menu and indexed ingedient lists.  I consider it a version of bulk cooking for the freezer, but faster on the front end, and something that can be referred to over the years during another a busy season of life.  It includes super simple recipes (marinate pork chops), Crockpot ideas for once-a-week, more involved meals (Chicken Parmesan), a 6 week planned menu and a list of fun themes for meal with kiddos!
After gathering and typing recipes I grouped them (chicken, beef, pork, Crockpot...) and created a separate spreadsheet for each group. 
In each spreadsheet I entered the names of all the recipes in that category.  Next, I created columns for "pantry, freezer, fridge, and fresh from grocery store".  Next to a recipe name I typed a list of what is needed to make it from each of the above categories.  (I skipped listing common pantry staples or spices and instead made one additional list of things I assumed she'd have in her pantry and therefore not include in the spreadsheet).
With this recipe book <all> sis needs to do is pick out recipes she wants to make, stock her pantry and freezer with listed ingredients (maybe even label the items for each dish) and when the time comes to make a meal she will grab stuff out of the pantry and freezer and then review the fridge and grocery column lists to see what additional things may be needed to make the dish.  So, in the end a couple months worth of menu planning and grocery shopping is mostly done and healthy meals await. 
I've had this idea tumbling around in my brain for a while so it is a great relief and excitement to see it come to fruition. I think its great since every family has different favorite dishes and may not like eating casseroles for months after welcoming a new baby. An added plus is that a book like this is not just a babymoon book, but a collection of family favorite recipes that are ready at a moments notice to shop for/cook during any busy season that comes in a family's life.
After finishing this project I did a couple of happy dances around our house.  David (and G) must have thought I was crazy!  But it was quite an undertaking (there are over 100 recipes!) and such a relief to have done in the nick of time for sis's new baby. I literally printed it out, put it in a binder and wrapped it moments before I got the text message saying little man had been born.  (My sister and I have ironic timing when it comes to baby births and finished baby projects!)
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