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Tuesday, September 4

Gavin's 1st Fire

 In July we celebrated Gavin's 1st birthday with David's parents, siblings, grandparents and G's cousin, Emma!   David's mom, Leslie, put together a wonderful fireman themed party for G.
This summer I fell into an invitation making craze...and loved most every second of it!
I wrapped some boxes and poked holes in them to look like burning buildings.
And I made a bulletin board of pictures from G's 1st year.

::The Table::
Our makeshift fire hose running down the center of the table :)
I collected some old aluminum cans ahead of time and printed off some vintage gasoline labels to put on them.  I thought it would be festive (and cheap!).
::Party Time::
G is not much for wearing hats nowadays but very soon he will love having this dress-up fireman hat from his grandparents :)

After a yummy lunch it was time for dessert.
Leslie made a really yummy cake and homemade sorbets for the cutest ice cream skewers!
red raspberry, yellow lemon, orange peach, and cookies-n-cream dalmation ice cream
Because you can never have too much sugar at a birthday party, I made some shortbread cookies

::G's 1st Cake::
Here, he must be thinking... is she going to let me touch that?!

First he ate the oreo wheel...
 Then, the cake... oh, what a sugar rush!
This was one of the funnest moments we've had with G.  I did not have any expectations about whether or not he would go for it and like it, so the fact that he digged into it and loved it was awesome!
Here it comes...
checking to see if daddy will let him do it ; )
Oh, yeah!
Now, that was g.o.o.d!

::Play Time::
The Smith's have this really cool toy and G loved it.  I remember liking it too.

::Opening Presents::
::Cousin Fun::
The lamb in the background was made by Aunt Anna.  It is lovely!
G found the calculator in a bin of toys earlier and was very interested in it.  Who knew?
(Shout out to all my old math students... this is funny, right?!)
::Family Pictures::
Allie & Jon and Emma, D & I and G, Peter & Elisabeth, and Anna
What an awesome time with family celebrating little man's birthday!

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