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Monday, September 3

Bugtastic Breakfast

In July we celebrated Gavin's birthday with my parents and my sister's family.  The party was based around G's nicknames: cuddle bug and wiggle worm. So naturally we had a Bugtastic Breakfast!
I designed the invitations and thank you cards and made a fun sticker for the envelope.

:::Table Decor:::
I found awesome plastic bugs and used tree stumps, glass jars and lots of other things that I had on hand already.  I bought some produce to add to the table setting and love how it added some natural flair.
I collect glass jars (from jam, pickles, baby food, and a mason jar) for things just like this.  Here I have a jar of sand (brown sugar), dirt (crushed oreos), moss and rocks with bugs hanging out in each.

Breakfast Casserole
Blueberry Pineapple Smoothie
Money Bread Bites

I'd attended a friend's party a week prior and loved her pipe cleaner # idea so I used it for this party.
(Shout out Kim!) 

There is a gummy worm floating in there!
The small cup behind the smoothie was for ice water.  I put plastic bugs in the ice cube trays to have bugs floating in the water too.

:::Party Games:::
I printed coloring pages from the movie, A Bugs Life, and had crayons for the littles to color while I made breakfast.

bug tattoos
I found some insect tattoos and brought them to the party.  It seemed like a fun way to get in the spirit.  Josh liked his tattoo for about 2 minutes before deciding it had to be removed immediately.  Not even 5 minutes later J wanted a new one...Below you will see that G also had a bit of a confused reaction to it as well.
Since we celebrated while at the lake for a Family Reunion we brought "A Bugs Life" video to add to the fun later in the day. 

 I downloaded bug songs to play during the games before breakfast and for games later in the afternoon.  The buggy games I planned were: 'Buzz, Buzz, Sting' (like Duck, Duck, Goose) or 'Bug Bite' (Musical Chairs).  I also put crushed oreos in tupperware containters to hide plastic bugs for a 'Bug Dig'.
G was confused by his candle but loved the Monkey Bread.

 Sweet times for our Little Critter!
If you can't tell I LOVED planning a BUG party...
the whole world of boy-ness is new to me and quite a thrill!!!

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