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Friday, September 7

Walton's Fancy & Staple

Now that my little dude is a more mobile we have started exploring Austin together.  This is quite an awesome city and I'm looking forward to our growing list of excursions!  Our first field trip was downtown to Ms Sandra Bullock's resturant, Walton's,  for a lunch date.  Sandra wasn't there but her charm was all over this place!  (Bonus: they offer free parking)
The decor and bakery goods are so pretty and our lunch was delicious.  I had the Fancy Lunch which is half sandwich and half soup. My Turkey Sweet sandwich was perfection.
little man had a sack lunch but thought the ambiance was a delight ; )
We brought a pecan tart home with us.  I got it solely because of how cute it was. I'm typically not a big pecan pie lover, but this tart was over the top YUMMY!
1st field trip was a score!

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