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Wednesday, September 12

Puppy Paw-ty

Little man's final birthday celebration was at home in Austin with a few friends of ours.  I choose a puppy theme for the party since little man is often called G-Dog around here.  I can't quite remember how or why it started but the name has stuck...
 ::The Invitation::
For the invites, thank you cards, and envelopes I watercolored a dog house and puppies, then copied them onto cardstock.  It was a lot of fun making these!
envelope front and back
 thank you cards

I drew and watercolored a set of 12 dogs.  I then copied the drawings to create a banner and different decor for around the party table.

   I made a photo display on our mantle using old aluminum cans and oatmeal containers wrapped in scrapbook paper.  I hung pictures using mini-sized clothes pins.

 ::Backyard Fun::
The kiddos came over and swam in a baby pool and played with G's water table.  David put G's swing-set up too so it was a fun attraction.  It felt like a housewarming party for our backyard!  I loved seeing so many littles playing in different areas of our backyard.  Man, I want next summer to come fast!
coloring station

::The Bone Hunt::
While planning this party I thought a bone hunt (like an easter egg hunt would be so awesome.  Unfortunately G is a little too young for the concept but a couple of his buddies enjoyed it!

we hid bones around the house while the kiddos were swimming 
I made a "Best of Show" blue ribbon for the winners but forgot to give it to them :(

  ::Cake and Ice Cream::
One of my favorite details... I made cup labels with space for the guest's name and typed a different dog themed joke onto each label.  Corny and fabulous!

 ::G's Birthday Cake::

Here it comes...
 Oh Yeah!

 ::Dog House Pictures::
D constructed a dog house with a large cardboard box we had and I sewed some felt dog masks for the kiddos to wear. 
::Family Picture::
  ::Party Favors::
I made Puppy Chow and decorated some favor bags with cardstock paper
for the kiddies above and for the adults below
the pictures on this post were taken by myself and my friends Danielle and Sarah

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