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Sunday, September 16

Serendipity at Walton's

Maybe you saw this post about Gavin and I visiting Walton's for a lunch date a couple weeks ago.  Jokingly I said that Sandra Bullock was not there...
Well folks, David, Gavin and I headed downtown this afternoon for some coffee at Walton's and a walk around the lake.  It was a rainy day here in Austin and coffee and a walk seemed like a fun idea.  I was a super lucky gal that D was game to go downtown.  We almost never go downtown during the weekend.
I'd been raving to D about Walton's... it's a bakery, cafe, flower shop, catering business, and they sell picnic packages complete with a basket and flowers... this place is exactly what my dreams are made of and what I would create if I had the backing.
Anyhow, we had just sat down with our dessert and coffee when none other than Ms Sandra Bullock came in!  David spotted her, I thought he was joking, but we knew it was her by the sound of her voice.  She walked around the store, chatted with the manager, and stayed for a meal with a friend at a table just feet away from us.
I'm not goo goo for celebrities, but having seen someone popular, I'm so excited it was her!  So, here's a shout out to Sandra Bullock - your renovation and remodeling of Walton's is beautiful, and if it matters at all, I think you're a classy gal.
Definitely one of the coolest coffee dates I've had.

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