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Friday, September 21

Mr. Dreamboat

Mr. Jackson is two weeks old so it's high time I share his baby shower with you!
In July we hosted a baby shower for my sister and her baby boy to be.  I knew Jackson would be super cute so I planned a "Dreamboat" themed baby shower.
 The shower was an outdoor picnic on perhaps the hottest day in July.  In hindsight, I overestimated the shade a tree could provide.  Jackson's sister may have even protested eating in such a sweltering environment... Jenni was right, it was a very hot day outside.
Joshua was a trooper and stuck it out with all of us sweaty party goers :)
Back inside we opened gifts and this little charmer was deliverered the presents to her mom!
Mr. Jackson, we are so excited about you!  We love you little boy!

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